Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to record your screen with VLC on mac

  In this article we are going to see, how to make a screen record with VLC media player on macOS.

  First, install the latest version of VLC app, you can get it here ->

  Then open the app from Applications Folder (or) the mac launchpad.

  Then the home screen will appear.

  Select the VLC screen(if it's not active), then click File -> Open Capture Device (or click Cmd + R).

  Then click the Capture tab.

  Select the Input Devices drop down menu, and select Screen.

  Increase the Frames Per Second value to 30.

 If you also want to record audio with your video, then check the Capture Audio Option.

  Then, click on the Streaming/Saving checkbox.

   Click on the Settings Button.

  Click on the Browse Button.

 Select the Folder where you want to save the captured video, and rename the file with .mp4 extension.

  Toggle both the Video and Audio CheckBoxes.

  Give the Channels value as 1 from the dropdown menu.

  Then click the OK Button.

  Click the Open Button and the video will start recording.

  When finished recording click the Stop Button. And the video will be saved automatically to the file that you mentioned before.

  This is how you create a screencast using VLC in mac. I know you can create screencasts in macOS using the build-in QuickTime Player far more easier. But you ever want to do it with VLC (for some reason) then here is the tutorial.

If you prefer video tutorial, then check out my youtube channel.